Get to Know How to Reset SA Password in SQL Server 2017

It is a cumbersome situation for an Organization when SQL Server database engine loss access as a system administrator. And, there is no relevant solution in hand on how to reset SA password in SQL Server 2017. Because if you do not regain access to password means you cannot use database anymore. Apart from this, there are plenty of other factors due to which users need to change SA password in SQL Server.

1. Mistakenly removed all logins that devised for sysadmin fixed server role.

2. It might be possible that SA account gets disabled and no member knows its associated password.

3. This is the major reason where user who login as system administrator left the organization and no one knows the SA password.

4. Windows admin user has not been permitted for sysadmin role Microsoft SQL Server 2017.

5. When the set password is complex that is hard to remember and user forgets it.

So, after considering all these reasons, we have come up with this article. In this write-up, we will cover all the solutions on how to reset sa password in SQL Server 2017.

Techniques to Regain Access to System Admin Password in SQL Server

1. The first workaround is to again install the SQL Server and connect all existing databases to new instance. However, it is a time-taking procedure. Also, in order to restore the logins, recent copy of master database is required. Also, it should possess the similar logins as last instance. Else, administrator will not get the access and still considered as locked out.

2. The second technique to reset sa password in SQL Server 2017.

3. Use an outstanding utility entitled as SQL Password Recovery. In few mouse clicks, it can reset SA password in SQL Server Management Studio.

4. Now, check out each method in a detailed manner.

How to Reset SA Password in SQL Server 2017 – Manual Way

In the following section, readers will know how to use sqlcmd to change the sa password when lost or forget.

1. To initiate the process, launch SQL Server Management Studio.

2. Next, click on Registered Servers under the View menu.

3. Now, you need to right-click on the server and select SQL Server Configuration Manager. It prompts you and asks to run as administrator in order to start Configuration Manager application.

4. Once the above steps executed, close the SQL Server Management Studio.

5. From the SQL Server Configuration Manager, stop the SQL Server Services that includes MSSQLSERVER. To do this, just right-click on the SQL Server instance and press Stop button. Then, start the Command Prompt.

6. Use the below command to run the SQL Server in single-user mode.

net start MSSQLSERVER /m “SQLCMD” 

7. Now, you need to add the database on system with the help of reliable solution.

sqlcmd -E -S localhost

8. Once the sqlcmd starts, then run the following command.

Create Login TempLogin WITH PASSWORD - ‘*********’

9. In order to close SQLCMD, type ‘exit’ in cmd.

10. Now, again start the SQL SERVER service in order to remove the single-user mode.


11. Once the above command executed, run the below one.


12. Then, again start the SQL Server Management Studio and use the new login to connect the local database.

13. After that, navigate to the Security option from left sidebar and click on that to expand it. Thereafter, open the Logins folder.

14. Next, right click on sa and select Properties from the menu.

15. At last, type the new password and click on OK.

Easy & Automatic Way to Reset SA Password in SQL Server 2017

It is evident from above that user has to follow such a long procedure to regain the access of SQL Server as an administrator. So, to overcome this situation, an automated tool named as SQL Password Recovery Tool is developed. It gives you power to reset system admin as well as user password from the master database file. The best part is the assistance of SQL SERVER is not required for the functioning of software. Apart from this, the user can also set a new password for SQL Server 2017 or below versions.

So, it is a cost-worthy solution that will work when SA password is forgotten, lost, or locked by the user.

The Bottom Line

Through this write-up, we are trying to resolve the most searched query ‘how to reset SA password in SQL Server 2017’. Now, it depends on the users, which solution they choose to change the system administrator password. In case, when the users do not want to take the risk with their sensitive database, SQL Password Recovery is always there for help.


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