Recovering SQL Server Database Without Backup – Instant Solution


“I dont have backup of my database and my mdf & ldf file get corrupted, Is it possible to restore database to previous state?”

“My .bak file get corrupted by accidental shutdown of SQL Server Database and I dont have backup. How to recover SQL Server Database without backup?” Please help.”

I have repeatedly came across these questions, many users and DBA faces that there is corruption in their mdf as well ndf file, and they have no backup .

Microsoft SQL Server is widely used as database management system which stores its data in MDF, NDF, & LDF according to Database file format. And the backup act as the protection of these files on which whole business is dependent. Taking regular backup is the key to recover your database from corrupted state. But What happens if your database files get corrupted? Let us imagine more worse, What if you don’t have backup of those files ?

Disaster is something which can occur at any time. It could be occur accidentally or could occur itself. Hardware failure, Failed disk drivers, network intrusion, media failure are some of the common reason of corruption in SQL Server. So proper disaster recovery plan is important to prevent these kind of situation.

Let us discuss the solution, What you can do if corruption persists in SQL Server Database and you are at worst situation,ie, you don’t have backup of your SQL Database.

What to do If Corruption Persists in SQL Database and you don’t have Backup ?

So if you are in worse situation, this blog is for you!

If you dont have backup of your SQL Database and your database becomes corrupted, you can recover your corrupted data manually by running DBCC CheckDB command.

Or if the corruption persists in database tables, then you can check this by running following command:

DBCC CHECKTABLE (‘tablename’)

Repairing Corrupted Database:

Repair your database by running REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS and REPAIR_FAST.

Warning: Prefer REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS as a last option if there is no other option. It may lost some amount of data if the database brings back to its physical consistent state. Before performing this command on your corrupted database, user must take a backup copy of its database.(MDF/LDF/NDF)

How to Recover SQL Server Database Without Backup

It is possible that the above repair command will help in repairing corrupted database. But there are chances of data loss if it get fails. So, if the level of corruption in SQL Database file is severe, then there is another option to repair corrupted database that is SQL Server Recovery Tool.

Quickly Recover SQL Server Database without backup

SQL Database Recovery Tool helps you to recover corrupted database even if you are not having backup. It scans & repairs corrupted SQL database MDF/NDF File of SQL Server 2017, 2016, 2014 & its below version. If you don’t know the version of SQL mdf file, the software provides you feature of Auto Detect option to detect the version SQL mdf file. Further, it gives you two different option to export your recovered data. Either export your data as SQL Server Database or as SQL Server Compatible Script.

Steps to Perform to recover SQL Server Database without backup:

  1. Install and Launch SQL Recovery Tool and Click Open.
  2. Browse to select the location of mdf file.
  3. Click Advance scan and select the version of .mdf file
  4. Preview the data and Click Export. Either Export as SQL Server Database or as SQL Server Compatible Script.


The blog discusses the solution of users common problems related to database corruption. The blog covers both manual as well professional solution to recover SQL database if you are not having SQL database backup.There might be possibilities of data loss in manual approach.So, it is advised to go for an automated solution to prevent data loss.


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