Monthly Archives: Apr 2015

Filter a Pivot Table by clicking on another PivotTable without slicer

Imagine two pivot tables . The first pivot table (A) have a product hierarchy on rows and sales on columns. the second pivot table (B)  have a customer on rows and sales on columns as shown in the picture below. when click on then product category (Bikes) in the pivot table A is automatically filtered the pivot table […]

WebCast: xVelocity in Deep (Italian language)

My interview at SMAU Padova 1-2 April on predictive analysis

SMAU 2015 beanTech : interview with Marco Pozzan , Microsoft SQL Server MVP.  

Fantastic Google Analytics connector for Power BI

Today we will see how to recreate the google analytics overiview with BI Power Preview. With this example, let’s try the new connector to import data from Google Analytics. We’re adding this connector not only to the Power BI Designer, but soon also to the Power BI Dashboards service This features is part of the new […]

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