Monthly Archives: Feb 2015

Big Data: what to need to know

1) Long time to return of investiment: Big Data project typicaly take 18 month of finish. 2) Key area where applicate a Big Data:  Customer esperience, Risk Managment, Operations optimization. 3)Change in approach: Organizations will look at analytics: “outside-in” and more services providers will work to ‘anticipate’ needs rather than pseudo forces products. 4) Analytic on […]

Columnstore index and performance

column store index in sql server 2012 and in sql server 2014 is part of the microsoft in-memory technology because the store index cloumn shares a part of technologies with That use in PowerPivot and Tabular . In particular shares the engine xvelocity . In the version of SQL Server 2012 it was a nonclustered index. In fact the […]

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