Monthly Archives: Gen 2014

New Business Intelligence course

Today begins a course of business intelligence that I will explain the following topics: develop reports using Reporting Services Tools (SSRS) develop models of SSBI (self-service BI) using PowerPivot and DAX expressions (date Analysis Expressions) for more information click here

struggling to get distinct counts in the related table with DAX

Today i’am struggling to get distinct counts for table A from dimension tables B using surrogate keys. Sample Scenario: Table A (fact) is a table that contain a list of car. And table B (dimension) stores the state of the cars for each car and then for each COD_Car in Table B there are 12 […]

Connect to DB access with encryption from Powerpivot

So to connect to powerpivot 2010/2013 at a DB access with encryption you have to go in powerpivot ribbon choose other data sources as shown in the picture Then choose ODBC as shown in the picture And finally you write the connection string into textbox as seen in the photo but you also write here […]

after a long wait…. Power BI pricing announced

you can find the Power BI pricing at this address

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