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Synonyms support the query in natural language (Q & A)

It ‘s always been possible to rename columns in Power Pivot, but now you can specify alternate names or synonyms. This is to better support the query capabilities in natural language called Power Q & A Working with synonyms is pretty straightforward. I have a table of products and the table has a “standardcost” column. […]

One step closer to simplifying data analysis and visualization

Now you can download a new version of Power Query add-in for Excel Preview (ver. 2.9.3502.261). An important feature introduced in this verison is the ability to query the system with the questions and the system responds with interactive graphics. The search like experience is instantaneous and uses natural language query, interpreting the semantics of question […]

Capture the trace data model engine Powerpivot

Is there a way to see what’s really going on behind the scenes of power pivot. You can capture the trace of everything that is sent to the engine and what the returns of the engine. You have to move to the ribbon of powerpivot and select “settings” as shown in the picture below: opens a window where you can set an option for trace data model engine “client tracing […]

Slide SQL Saturday Ancona

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