Monthly Archives: Giu 2013

1NN0VA offers free courses for Microsoft certifications

1NN0VA offers FREE courses for Microsoft certifications (real value 3800euro)

Microsoft BI team announced Power BI on WPC

Amir Netz on stage at WPC shows Power BI for Office 365. This is a new self-service business intelligence solution delivered through Excel and Office 365.That you get access to with Office 365 + Power BI subscriptions. It contains: Power Pivot Power View Power Query (project Data Explorer), Power Map (project GeoFlow), Q & A (natural […]

GeoFlow for Excel delivers 3D data visualization

Beautiful tool “Geoflow” 3d views to excel in: Today I got to try it and it is a truly remarkable. Microsoft adds more blocks to Excel to extend the range of self-service BI.

Power View for Multidimensional Models has arrived !!!!!

We can connect to multidimensional cubes with power view

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