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Clear cache tabular

Clear cache tabular <ClearCache xmlns=””> <Object> <DatabaseID>Namer</DatabaseID> </Object> </ClearCache>

WebCast: Analyze data course (BigData + BI)

Speaker:  Marco Pozzan Contents:   _ Business Intelligence e Business Analytics _ Big Data _ Hadoop _Hadoop + Business Intelligence = Analisi di grandi quantità di dati _ Excel, lo strumento di analisi View overview  

it is possible to identify users without the need to configure Kerberos delegation

EffectiveUserName is a property for the connection strings for SQL Server Analysis Services contains the name of the user who logs on. And ‘possible to use this property along with Excel Services and PerformancePoint Services to pass the identity of the user viewing the report or dashboard in SQL Server Analysis Services. Examples: Provider=MSOLAP.5;Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist […]

Connect to DB access with encryption from Powerpivot

So to connect to powerpivot 2010/2013 at a DB access with encryption you have to go in powerpivot ribbon choose other data sources as shown in the picture Then choose ODBC as shown in the picture And finally you write the connection string into textbox as seen in the photo but you also write here […]

Great site for the automation of powerpivot with VBA

Alternative way to build Date Table

I recommend you see this link  Kasper de Jonge illustrating an alternative way to build a temporal dimension to be used in PowerPivot DAX formulas of our sheets.

GeoFlow for Excel delivers 3D data visualization

Beautiful tool “Geoflow” 3d views to excel in: Today I got to try it and it is a truly remarkable. Microsoft adds more blocks to Excel to extend the range of self-service BI.

Power View for Multidimensional Models has arrived !!!!!

We can connect to multidimensional cubes with power view

Data Explorer

Microsoft ha recentemente rilasciato un nuovo componente aggiuntivo chiamato Explorer Data. Questo è un componente aggiuntivo per Excle 2010 Excel ed Excel 2013 che può essere scaricato qui. Data Explorer ci dà una nuova scheda della barra multifunzione, da dove siamo in grado di importare, trasformare e unire i dati da una varietà di fonti. […]

Reporting Services su IPad

Se volete visualizzare i report di SSRS sul’ IPad basta seguire i seguenti passi: Andare nella directory di reporting services ….\Reporting Services\ReportManager\js\ editarre il file ReportingServices.js  inserendo il seguente pezzo di codice javascript: function pageLoad() { var element = document.getElementById(“ctl31_ctl09”); if (element) { = “visible”; } } Il motivo per cui bisogna inserire questo […]

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