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Recovering SQL Server Database Without Backup – Instant Solution

problem: “I dont have backup of my database and my mdf & ldf file get corrupted, Is it possible to restore database to previous state?” “My .bak file get corrupted by accidental shutdown of SQL Server Database and I dont have backup. How to recover SQL Server Database without backup?” Please help.” I have repeatedly […]

SQL Server Page Level Corruption And Resolution

SQL Server Page Level corruption is encountered due to several reasons, which includes hardware related issues, i.e. failure of certain hardware, hard disk functioning failure, improper network establishment, or logical level of issues such as

Performance Issues with Number of Virtual Log Files In SQL Server

Overview Each transaction log file is made of smaller parts, known as virtual log files. The number of virtual log files per transaction log files is not fixed. Its size is determined dynamically when the transaction log file is executed. The number of virtual log files cannot be set or configured by the database administrator. […]

Proficient Way For Giving and Removing Permissions in SQL Server

Overview While working with SQL Server Database, users has the right to assign or remove permission, to allow which user can perform particular tasks on the database. Due to security reasons, only some of the default database users such as db_owner, db_datawriter, etc. are granted access to the database. However, some database needs to be […]

Best Disaster Recovery Plans for SQL Server Database

Overview SQL Server Disaster is a condition that causes data loss or any disturbance in SQL Server. There are various users, who face the similar problem but they do not know how to overcome from such problem. Therefore, in the below discussion there are some reasons for occurrence of disaster and different SQL Server disaster […]

Know How to Fix Microsoft SQL Server Error 18452

Problem When the user tries to login, they may receives an error message “Login failed. The login is from untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 18452)” which is a common problem while working on SQL Server. SQL Server Error 18452 Solutions There are various workarounds, which helps user […]

Columnstore index and performance

column store index in sql server 2012 and in sql server 2014 is part of the microsoft in-memory technology because the store index cloumn shares a part of technologies with That use in PowerPivot and Tabular . In particular shares the engine xvelocity . In the version of SQL Server 2012 it was a nonclustered index. In fact the […]

SQL Saturday 367 in Italy (Pordenone)

The scheduling of SQL Saturday Pordenone is online , my session ( in Italian ) will talk about how the xVelocity engine works . Do not miss it! This event will be held February 28 2015 at Consorzio Universitario di Pordenone Via Prasecco, 3/a I-33170 Pordenone, ITALY. Admittance to this event is free, all costs […]

SQL Server 2012 SP1 Cumulative Update 14 Released!

view this link: summary: SQL service35409343023629 FIX: Arithmetic overflow error occurs when you add manually initialized subscriptions for publication in SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services38579312840657 FIX: High CPU usage after you use DTExec utility to process SSAS 2012 data mining models Data Quality Services (DQS)38333613023634 FIX: Performance decreases when you stage many records in MDS for SQL […]

New release!!! my PowerPivot workbook for investigate the index status

I have update a PowerPivot workbook that will allow you to investigate the index status on your server instance . The report contains the new four worksheets respect of the previous workbook index inefficient: indexes are not efficient and should be updated. index unused: are indexes that are never used. index big clustered:  get index usage information in SQL Server about size and type […]

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