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Filter a Pivot Table by clicking on another PivotTable without slicer

Imagine two pivot tables . The first pivot table (A) have a product hierarchy on rows and sales on columns. the second pivot table (B)  have a customer on rows and sales on columns as shown in the picture below. when click on then product category (Bikes) in the pivot table A is automatically filtered the pivot table […]

New release!!! my PowerPivot workbook for investigate the index status

I have update a PowerPivot workbook that will allow you to investigate the index status on your server instance . The report contains the new four worksheets respect of the previous workbook index inefficient: indexes are not efficient and should be updated. index unused: are indexes that are never used. index big clustered:  get index usage information in SQL Server about size and type […]

Speaker at “Be different! Big Data | Open Day @Fondazione ITS Kennedy”

The program of the Open Day : 09:30 – 09:45 Saluto Coordinatrice Fondazione ITS, Adriana Sonego 09:45 – 10:15 Le professioni ICT – Cosa offre l’ITS, Valerio Libralato 10:15 – 11:00 L’ITS visto dalle aziende e dai nostri diplomati che lavorano per loro 1. Servizi CGN – Andrea Sella, Federico Parise e Marco Parenzan 2. ALEA srl […]

Connect to DB access with encryption from Powerpivot

So to connect to powerpivot 2010/2013 at a DB access with encryption you have to go in powerpivot ribbon choose other data sources as shown in the picture Then choose ODBC as shown in the picture And finally you write the connection string into textbox as seen in the photo but you also write here […]

Synonyms support the query in natural language (Q & A)

It ‘s always been possible to rename columns in Power Pivot, but now you can specify alternate names or synonyms. This is to better support the query capabilities in natural language called Power Q & A Working with synonyms is pretty straightforward. I have a table of products and the table has a “standardcost” column. […]

Workbook Size Optimizer

examines the composition of the data model in your PowerPivot workbook or PowerView and see if the data in it can take up less space and if it is possible to improve the compression.

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