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Use Dax Formatter for my dax formulas

Grand Total in pivot table

Thanks to¬†Alberto Ferrari for giving me this link really useful to manage the “Grand Total” in pivot tables

struggling to get distinct counts in the related table with DAX

Today i’am struggling to get distinct counts for table A from dimension tables B using surrogate keys. Sample Scenario: Table A (fact) is a table that contain a list of car. And table B (dimension) stores the state of the cars for each car and then for each COD_Car in Table B there are 12 […]

The slides for the yesterday session at SQL Saturday # 257 Verona are online!

Inserting the time parameters with DAX Formulas

Recently I’ve had to calculate the DAX expressions that take into account a period of time manually entered by the user in the Pivot table. I repeat the example using the database AdventureWorksDW and suppose we want to calculate the sales from the table FactInternetSales and precisely considering the column SalesAmount. But sales are determined […]

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